Dining Experience

This summer campers can opt to bring a packed lunch or eat at our dining hall for an additional fee. 
For those campers who choose to eat at the camp dining hall here is a little more info.
After a morning of fun, hot lunch is provided every day to campers on the beautiful back deck of our dining hall (indoors during inclement weather).

All that running around at Camp could make anyone hungry! We guarantee we’ll have something you’ll like! Our camper friendly menu has a daily balance of just what you need to meet everyones tastes!

Not just eating, but reconnecting
At PS Day Camp we believe that meal times are not just about eating, they are also about connecting with your group mates and counselors on many levels, chatting about your day, plans, stories, etc. To facilitate these interactions we serve all of our meals family style. As well as sharing food amongst the table, we also encourage every camper to chip in to help set the table, collect the food, and leave their area cleaner than they found it!

Variety, keeping things fresh!
Our daily lunches are varied and have something to suit every palette/dietary requirement/allergy. Our meals always feature top quality, hot entrees, salad bar options, and a multitude of alternatives that keep even the most finicky eaters satisfied.

A wealth of culinary experience for all diets
Our experienced kitchen staff, lead by our year round cook, strives to prepare an extraordinary selection of meals, catering to specific dietary requests as needed.

Don’t worry if you have allergies. PS Day Camp is a completely nut free facility! Each food product entering camp is ingredient checked to ensure its safety. We can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. For more information please reach out to us.

family style dining for lunch every day!