Counselors in Training

our counselor in training (cit) program is for 14 and 15 year old campers who have aged out of our camper program!

The CIT program aims to provide a balance of learning and fun. Throughout their time at camp we hope to increase our CITs confidence and knowledge working with children and peers whilst giving them time to still be kids and hang out with their friends.

CITs will work with our youngest campers (ages 5-8) and the counselors who are assigned to the younger groups for the week. 


Each Monday one of our leadership staff meets with the CITs during our morning group time to discuss their responsibilities for the week and the counselor (and group) that they will shadow. 

Our CITs then begin their day by joining their assigned counselor group and meeting all of the campers they will be spending time with. 

During the morning CITs head off with various counselors to assist in the running of activities (e.g. gaga, tennis, arts & crafts, etc) and join in with the fun. They will primarily be sent to activities that need support but can request to go to various activities day to day.

CITs spend the lunch period with their counselor and group before heading to get ready for their time at the waterfront. 

At the waterfront CITs have some time off to relax and hang out with their friends. They have no responsibilities whilst at the waterfront except setting a good example for our campers. They are able to swim, hang out on the beach, take part in water adventure and boating, or just lay down and rest; whatever makes them happiest. 

At the end of the day they help their group to collect their things at the beach and then help to distribute afternoon snack.


When our CITs reach the age of 16 they are invited to apply for our Junior Staff program. Each fall the director will send out an email to all age eligible CITs inviting them to apply. 

You can sign up for the CIT program through our usual registration link

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