A Day 
At Camp

During campers time here with us, we pride ourselves on giving campers the freedom to shape their own Summer Camp experience.

Our caring staff will always encourage campers to try out new things that they may not be able to experience elsewhere, but they will be made to take part in an activity that they don’t want to.

Our summer camp days are varied, but for the most part they are broken down into 5 structured activity periods throughout the day.



Need to be somewhere earlier than our usual drop off time (8am)? Drop your campers off for our AM Care! Group games and activities with staff while the other campers arrive for morning activities.

Campers arrive from 8am to 9am whether by their own transport, or by taking one of our camp buses. During this time campers sign in with their counselors and then head to the field for group games and morning introductions before activity sign up occurs.



Campers have the opportunity to individually sign up for a range of land based activities that include; Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Ceramics, Tennis, Music, Gaga, Woodworking, Soccer, Outdoor cooking, Dodgeball, Adventure ropes course, Farm class, Disc golf, Archery, Gardening, and more!

Much like period 1, campers can pick from a whole host of land based activities. Both of these periods last for one hour and are signed up for on a daily basis, so if a camper tries something new, they are not committed to that activity for the full week.


For those who opt in to our "lunch plan" a hot lunch is served to our campers daily on our spacious back deck of our central dining hall. We also have a full salad bar and accommodate a variety of dietary requirements. Those who bring bagged lunch will have their bag brought to them at lunch time (it is refrigerated during morning activities). 


changing time

activity period 3

Campers head back to Katsanis after lunch time to get changed and ready for an afternoon down at our mile long private lake! Campers can leave their bags etc in this building and just bring towels etc down to the waterfront with them if they wish.

Once campers arrive at the lake, they will begin their afternoon full of activities! Period 3 is structured swim instruction. Here, campers will be assessed for their swim strengths and weaknesses so that our attentive staff can help them get to the next swimming level by working on various skills, techniques, and overall confidence of being in the water. 



activity period 5

Once swim class is over, camper will take part in boating class. This allows campers to pick from Canoeing, Rowing, Sailing, or Corcling (circular one-person kayaks!) Campers will be accompanied on the water by staff and learn new boating skills!

For our final waterfront period, campers get to take part in Water adventure. This activity allows campers to pick from; our 100-foot waterslide, water trampoline, cliff jumping, rope swing, water mats, and more!



Campers head back up to Katsanis to get changed once again out of bathing suits and back into dry clothes! After this campers head to the field once again for group games until parents/buses arrive for pickup.

If you are working late, or have other appointments, we offer PM Care from 5pm to 6pm every day. During this time our staff members on duty will take part in various activities with campers, ranging from sports, to card games, board games, crafts etc.